In its long and abundant history, woven into three centuries, Impregnacija has outlasted many states, rulers, regimes, governmental structures, war devastations… Thousands of kilometres of railway tracks and power lines are carried by wooden sleepers and poles produced in Ćićevac. Long standing experience and quality of our products have enabled us to win the trust of many customers in Serbia and abroad.

Main users of our products in Serbia are:
– Serbian Railways
– Owners of big industrial sidings, such as: NIS Petrol Pančevo, TENT Obrenovac, Kolubara Vreoci, sugar factories, Petrohemija Pančevo, Azotara Pančevo etc.
– Power Supply Company and Telekom Serbia.


Our products are used by many companies abroad:

– Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Bulgarian Railways
– Albanian Railways
– Railways of Republika Srpska
– Macedonian Railways and Power Supply Company
– Montenegro Railways, Power Supply Company and Telekom
– customers from EU – Austria, the Netherlands, Italy.

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