Power and Telecommunication Poles

In order to obtain quality, regular poles, the bark, bast and any bigger protrusions must immediately be removed by machine. After that, poles are machined to the measures prescribed by the standard SRPS D.B2.020 and the specific standards of power supply industry GSE 41/81 i GSE 55/86. Those which do not satisfy the criteria are rejected. Treated wooden poles are stored on a vast, flat, firm, asphalt-covered yard in order to enable proper and slow drying and prevent the occurrence of any wood deformations.

Impregnation of Poles

Poles are impregnated with creosote oil and CB preservatives, depending on end user’s requirements.

Impregnation with creosote oil WEI type C (EN 13991 quality C), produced by RÜTGERS, Germany is carried out according to the standards SRPS D.T4.022 and DIN 68811.

Daily impregnation records are kept, where all relevant data and values defined by the standard are entered. The impregnation process is controlled and registered by a registering device. In addition, batch number, date, quantity and signature of authorized controlling person are entered into a graph.

After the completed impregnation process, test specimen are drilled out to determine the penetration depth of impregnating agent. Poles are weighed after impregnation, and the difference in weight shows the exact amount of oil absorption per batch, so we obtain the average weight per m³. Each impregnated pole is marked with nails with imprinted pole length, producer’s logo and the year of impregnation.

Impregnation with CB preservatives is carried out according to the strandard SRPS D.T4.025. The impregnating agent (salt mixture) has been tested by authorized certifying bodies, and we possess the certificates and technical instructions issued by them. Before the impregnation process, we determine the concentration of solution which will be used, depening on the type of wood, dimensions and the process.
The process is controlled by means of daily impregnation records and graph, which are signed by authorized person on completion of the impregnation process. Each pole impregnated with CB preservatives is marked with nails with imprinted pole length, producer’s logo and the year of impregnation.   

Technical documentation issued for impregnated poles:

For poles impregnated with creosote oil:

  • Certificate of Analysis of creosote oil
  • Safety Data Sheet for creosote oil
  • Decision of the Chemicals Agency of the Republic of Serbia allowing import and usage of creosote oil type C No. 532 – 01-1035-2010/03 of 08/06/2011
  • Testing Report of IMS Institute, Belgrade
  • ISO standard SRPS ISO 9001:2008.

For poles impregnated with CB preservatives:

  • Certificates and technical instructions of the producer of salt mixture
  • Technical approval – RATEL certificate
  • Testing Report of IMS Institute, Belgrade
  • ISO quality standard.


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